MCB C Curve 1 Amp 1 Pole 6KA UL, TUV & RoHS

1. General

GSB2 series Miniature Circuit Breaker is mainly used in AC 50Hz or 60Hz circuit with rated operational voltage up to AC 415V, with operational current up to 63A.

It can be attached with auxiliary contact, alarming contacts, shunt release, overvoltage release, under-voltage release, leakage protection device.

Standard: IEC60898-1

Certificate: CE, CB, TUV, UL.

2. Working condition and installation condition

Ambient temperature: -5 to +40 Deg C, and the average temperature in a 24 hour period can not exceed +35 Deg C.

Humidity is up to 50% at +40 Deg C ambient temperature, and 90% at +20 Deg C

Maximium Site altitude: =2000m

Pollution degree: 2

Installation category: 3

Installation: shall be mounted on TH35-7.5 DIN rail