YV40H Residual Current Circuit Breaker(RCCB)
The YV40H RCCB incorporates a residual current operated electromagnetic release which operates with out any auxiliary source of supply to open a circuit automatically in the case of an earth leakage fault between phase and earth greater than or equal
to In.
Technical data
2.Rated Voltage(Un):230V
3.Rated Current(In):10,16,20,32,40A
4.Number of pole:2
5.Rated residual operating current(In):30,100,300mA
6.Tripping characteristics:IEC898 C type
7.Rated short circuit capacity(Inc):3000A

on load:2000 cycles

off load:2000 cycles

9.Overload tripping characteristics:

1. Protecting against indirect contact

2. Complementary protection against direct contact

3. Protection for the installation against insulation

1.13In > 1h (cold condition) non-trip
1.45In < 1h (hot condition) trip
2.55In 1-60s (cold condition) trip
5In > 0.1s (cold condition) non-trip
10In < 0.1s (cold condition) trip
1.On symmwtrical DIN rail
2.Panel mounting

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