JKGE Intellectual NOn-Power Compensation Controller

A. controlled capacity can exactly reflect non-power overload of non-power current.
B. Adopt kinds way of testing, testing capacity non-power current, overload current and power diathesis.
C. According to result of testing real time, non-power overload change case and effect compensation to automatic confirm suitable currently action delicacy degree and time-delay, automatic fit all of sort different capacity of different change CT of capacitance compensation screen. Only connection is correct, it need no any debugging.
D. Signal of two phase voltage and left another one phase current which belong to the three phases voltage can work no matter how the two line top of signal respectively of regulate voltage and current and the figures will show the actually power factor result.
E. Only play trial switch of the front panel from turning state to testing state, the controller will automatic do one circle throwing chip and the figure will show the testing state.
F. Overload current low or than 6%, the controller will die out all the displayed signal, except official comments light of working power to reduce power loss and increase using life.
G. Output and contact switching capacity: AC 380V, 5A (COS =1)
H. Throwing and cutting action non-power current enactment: full degree value for 4-9%, ?automatic enactment?.
I. Throwing excision action time-delay: 8-25 second (automatic adjustive), over press excision action time-delay: 6 second.
J. The action way of throwing and cutting: automatic circle
K. Over press protecting enactment: 437V 5V return gap voltage: 6-9V. (setting when leaving factory or setting according on user request)
L. Output circuit way  GZK -880A 4 way GZK -880B 6 way
            GZK -880C 8 way GZK -880D 10 way
            GZK -870A 4 way GZK -870B 6 way
            GZK -870C 8 way GZK -870D 10 way

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