JKL Micro-Machine NOn-Power Compensation Controller

A. adopt SCM control technique and achieve automatic expiation intelligence of electric-net non-power.
B. Having two sorts of inspection system and make whole load range control accurately.
C. Can resist 2000 voltage interferential pulse which inputted from power supply directly.
D. Sample physical measure is non-power current which is commended by national energy sources department.
E. Counter display can show electric net power-factor whether it is over voltage value, and also can show all kinds of parameter intuition strictly F. Have stochastic self-inspection function without offering capacity of expiation capacitor of current transformer, and can be seasoned with different parameter automatically.
G. Phase-order of sample signal can be differentiated and changeover automatically.
H. Conciseness man-machine conversation, operating, altitude simpleness intuition strictly.
I. Control power: each group output contact capacity for 220V8A, 380V3A.
J. Devotion opening limiting: =1. 1double Ic=cos presetting
K. cutting opening limiting: =0.5double Ic, over press opening limiting: 420V~440V adjustable.
L. Throwing and cutting time-delay: 10 second 100second adjustable, output circuit way for 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 circle throwing chip. (JKL7C-N type output circuit way for 2,3,4)

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